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ERASMUS rulez...Madrid rulez...and what else is goin' on in Karos world!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Its over! This was my Erasmus time! I can't believe that it found an end Metro, no Rey Juan Carlos, no Patatas Bravas, no Calimocho, no Erasmus parties and the worst...I'm not with you. While I was sitting in the plane I had thousands of pictures and feelings in my mind... all these trips, places and people!

It was one of my dreams to come to Madrid and my expectations were not only fulfilled but even exceeded...exceeded in all manners... The good things were too good to be true and my Lows even worse...but 'thats life'... I think that this challenge was more than just a cultural exchange, it was a personal experience and also a manner to learn something about myself... Im sorry for all the mistakes I made... I cannot turn back the time but I can learn from them... My whole life changed due to this exchange... its incredible and unbelievable... and I never expected this to happen...

This was an important and amazing experience which will be always part of my life, a part of myself; as well as everybody I met will be a part of my life from now on... I will never forget what happend... and even though I dont't know when I'll come back I hope soon! For everybody who doesn't believe in Erasmus friendships: They exist. Some flights were already booked to see each other again, the first who visited me here in Breda was LUCA;-) Thanks so much for comin chaval:-)

I discovered Madrids' beauty and fascination and furthermore Im happy that my German/ Dutch friends and my family could share this enthusiasm together with me for a while . I thank you all for comin to Madrid cause it really meant a lot to me!

As it is known you can do Erasmus just once in your life..... that makes this experience so unique and special; every Erasmus will agree on this;-) And for all guys who stay in Madrid until June: Enjoy your time! Even though a lot of people left you will meet new amazing persons...cause this is the circle of coming and and going...We didn't mean anything to Madrid... but to us (to me) Madrid meant and means so much... even not describable in words...

However, ...I also know that this was the right time to come back to my life in Germany and Holland...not only to come back to the people who waited for me but also to take the consequences of all the happenings and to try to find my inner peace. I know there is a different way for me to go next! I know I will find my way and I wish all of you good luck and success while walking your way!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

VALE! I know I must write sth new otherwise many people will kill me. Its almost 1 month ago since I posted and now I'm really really lazy to tell all incidents. What u miss: Sylvia and Tammo came to Madrid beginning December and we had an awesome week;-)

Besides the "Haschischschsch...Kokainaaaa???" guy they met a lot of nice people and finally it was a pitty that the time passed so fast...

Just before my friends came I was on an Erasmus fieldtrip to Salamanca, Segovia and Ávila! I'm sure this was one of the craziest trips I made and I just can repeat that I love Erasmus and that I love u guys! It was an amazing time!

SALAMANCA! At the beautiful Plaza Mayor!>
Of course I found my froggy on the famous university wall of Salamanca and I hope that it will bring me luck as they say;-)

Furthermore, I was around the 14.12. for around 4 days in BARCA BARCA! This was my 2nd time in Barcelona and I think I don't have to tell how amazing and great this fantastic artistic city is! One of the biggest advantages which Madrid doesn't have is the BEACH! However, I would never regret my decision being in Madrid! Madrid rulez;-)

Gaudís parque Güell con Steffi y Kathi

...and of course Christmas! This year actually not very amazing without my lovely family...but at least I was not completely alone. Even though I was a bit sick I went to a Finnish dinner which was really great!...

FINALLY! NEW YEARS incredible fiesta in my flat before we went to the Puerta del Sol which is a famous spectacle in whole Spain!

Madrid: Puerta del Sol!

...and demolition party in my flat FERNANDO EL CATÓLICO! I don't know who invited all these people (and who the f*** broke the toilet!)....but it was awesome!


Con Luca y peluca;-)
Luca, Jan, Ozge
Carsten, Daniell, Eda

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hola amigos!
I completely forgot this blog cause there happend too many things this month...first of all there was of course a lot of party: The highlights were an Erasmus party...where I taught my girls the "Auf die Knie" (On ur knees) hymne. If u are drunk enough and if u show some charism and power of persuasion u can in fact make ur friends kneel in front of u! (Thank u guys;-) Of course we didn't miss the Kapital where the Erasmus students are becomin' slowly but surely regular customers... BUT the superparty highlights took place in our flat Calle Fernando el Católico 42, 2C!...

One Thursday where we actually wanted to meet in a small group to drink to go afterwards to Kapital (what a surprise!)...there were around 20 people in our casa includin' a camera team from our university KING Juan Carlos who was shooting us. I didn't see the movie yet but I'm sure it will be a nominee for the Festival de Cannes:-) Another party was Roberts B-day...yes...he's now 23 and we celebrated it a lot! (especially he himself!)

However, I also had some bad luck:-( ...I even had enough bad luck to open a new category to tell u about this! OK....first my already a bit broken laptop broke a bit more!!! This is actually not funny...cause the adapter is completely destroyed (it started to stink and then the green light expired for ever...) Now, my baby is sleepin' since 1 week cause without electricity NADA is working! The first day I was furious...2nd I started to smoke and since last Thursday I drank a lot...but besides that everything is fine...
Actually, its not that bad, I even got a little bit used to it, I feel free...not always sittin' in front of a screen...this makes people become so isolated and now I have time to open my eyes for different nature for example! :-(
Today I was again in the elctronic shop to ask when my new adapter will arrive...and just 10-15 days more...!!! 15 DAYS!!! Arghhh!

Another thing: My Dutch bank card is blocked...supposedly I typed in 3 times the wrong pin (...this could only have happend last Thursday...!) Furthermore, if I want to deblock it I just have to go to Breda to the next bank...hahaha funny hä?!

What makes me really happy at the moment is that I could talk to my Mum today:-) and that I know that Sylwusia and Tammo are comin' on the 4th December...what is in 13 days! Furthermore, we'll have a trip to Salamanca from the 1st- 3rd Dec with the Erasmus!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


First ride in Madrid!

From hell...

Its time to move ur feet & shake ur a**!!!


Thursday, October 26, 2006

I've never thought that I would say that BUT Madrid can be really ugly :-( U just have to imagine a grey and cloudy sky ( ...not hard for the German and Dutch)...and its raining! RAIN! The streets are wet...and so are my feet (damn ballerinas)! The advantage is that u can use 'these days' for other fabulous things like e.g. having a romantic evening (which in this case doesn't apply to me) or u can go to the cinema! Yeah! So Kathi and me decided to see "Copying Beethoven" (average movie with great music;-)... and because I was a bit hungry I smuggled some burgers and fries (Mäkääs) into the theatre and it became a really girlish and cosy evening. This was in fact the second time I was in the cinema here, the first movie was "Little miss sunshine" and was fun as well. I feel that time is going to change here... not only because of the weather but also because I think that now people are starting to realize that this is also "real" life! Haha.. this must sound awesome! But in fact now I start to realize that we also have to study...and to hand in LEARNING AGREEMENTS...and do presentations (en Espanol!)...and etc! But as enquiring (wissbegierig) and motivated I am this is no problem at all...;-) Hey..thats the reason why I'm here, right!!!???

Saturday, October 21, 2006

VALENCIA paradise...

No Comment;-)

Back to Madrid by bus...very tired!

Friday, October 20, 2006

VALENCIA 12.10-15.10.2006

Sooo cute;-) My new best friend in the aquarium (ätsch Tammo)
...Famous as "killer of Crocodile Hunter"...:-0

Hurra we're at
the beach!

Science Centre: